The Corkscrew Curl was a blogging project by Adaeze Tula. Originally started in 2014, Adaeze purchased a theme after extensive research on the internet on how WordPress works. She didn’t quite understand too much, but she understood enough to put up a simple website, one that was completely cookie-cutter to the demo content from the purchased theme. It was impressive and professional, but as Adaeze became more comfortable in her coding and CSS skills, she took on the challenge of re-creating her beloved site to something that fit her better in three simple terms: minimal, simplistic, and modern (starting to get the hint?).

Adaeze called upon The Modern Design’s Blog Revamp services which broadcasts a short downtime of her site in return for a fresh new homepage featuring cool additions such as tweaking of the color scheme, typography, and graphics (see mockup on the left). We (and we mean she) added custom fonts to the site’s FTP, re-arranged the site’s menu, deleted repeat/not needed features such as lines underneath “continue reading,” changed text style, added a color overlay on the Instagram feed, changed the structure of the homepage, added those of so modern boxes around things such as “continue reading,” and changed widths/margins.

The end product was a clean site with much more whitespace, an easy to read feel, less clutter from a decluttered sidebar, a cooler-toned color scheme, and an outstanding (first) Blog Revamp demo website to wow people such as yourself.