Traveling to Germany for a Design Thinking Workshop

Traveling to Germany for a Design Thinking Workshop

About a month ago I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Germany for a design mapping workshop. It was truly an amazing experience and it finally awakened my desire to continue traveling the world and experience more cultures first hand.

I made a vlog of my travels which share a lot of the beauty of Germany as well as my experience as a designer there. I’ll be honest, it’s not the most comprehensive vlog as I was extremely nervous and had anxiety prior to my work engagements, but I became much more comfortable and confident as the days go on (which you will see in the vlog as it progresses).

What I wanted to talk about here is about how we as a humanity are not so different after all. The media makes us feel like each and every country is an enemy or a threat and that the people are somehow hostile to our own wellbeing. I’m not saying I was completely in-tune to that, but as someone who has never left the country I really felt that going somewhere that was different than my home would make me feel completely like an outsider. I was so worried that the German people would be so different from what I was used to in America that I’d be totally out of my element. I was completely wrong. But as I mentioned, we as people may speak different tongues, but we still love, still feel, and still laugh about the exact same things. In retrospect I guess it’s no different than when people move to the States.

In Germany, the people were absolutely no different and always treated me and others with upmost kindness and respect. In fact, they were even more respectful than Americans. Everything from their driving style to the way that my work group waited for me outside a restaurant for nearly 30 mins while I bought a new pair of shoes to walk in (I had no idea they would do that) to them waiting to eat until everyone got their food was just beautiful to me. I feel so lucky to have experienced that first hand.


I also got a chance to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. I loved it. It was everything I dreamed Mercedes-Benz would be, but somehow much more. The interiors, architecture, design, and story-telling were something I’d recommend everyone to go see. I wouldn’t mind going again, but would prefer to go with my boyfriend, Asad as he is an absolute expert in cars. He would definitely make the experience much more educational and exciting as I tend to find the little details boring and am just attracted to the physical look of the car. You can see some videos of the experience in my video above.


Of course, I got to experience the food and culture during after work dinners. I am not much of a beer drinker, but I had the absolutely best beer that tasted absolutely like flowers while in a smaller town by the client’s HQ.

Again, I cannot wait to travel to another country soon. I really want to visit Japan and the rest of Europe. Once I save more money, I’m going to travel to Italy with my mom. She’s always wanted to go and I cannot wait to see her see Italy the same way I saw Germany!


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