Recently I’ve been journalling my daily life and it’s felt so therapeutic. On the other hand, nearly every night I’ve curled into bed with my super cute puppy, Lou and watched Lydia Elise Millen for life and style tips. I’ve always felt that she was such a beautiful woman and someone I’ve always wanted to strive to be like and so with the mixture of daily journalling and that appreciation of her aesthetic and blog, I wanted to create a new blog myself.

I just moved out on my own about a month and half ago. It was so scary. I wasn’t sure if I could fully afford it, wasn’t sure of my brand new job I got straight out of college, and really just wasn’t comfortable with me. But, moving out has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself in my life so far and being free and open to express myself within my environment and with my newfound privacy I’ve felt more inspired and compelled than ever to share some of my life with whomever would be willing to listen.

A bit about me

So, a bit about me: I am 22. I live in Dallas, TX and I am a user experience researcher. What I do daily is think about end users (aka literally everyday people like you and I) who use the software/hardware/etc that I am working on and try to make that software more meaningful to them. I spend a lot of my day time researching how people behave, analyzing behaviors compared to designs I’ve created, and doing usability testing with participants to test out my hypotheses of how they likely will behave. I spend all day in my head except for when I ask for a hand from my team and so I basically crave for an outlet whenever I’m home.

I’m still finding my style as well as my own future goals, but I am happy to say that I’ve nearly completed all the things on my 2018 goal list (more on that later)! I know that I want to travel, especially to Paris, Tokyo, England, and Italy. Hoping to do that maybe next year. We will see!

UX Researcher and psuedo blogger.