A Day In Deep Ellum


I must say that this day has happened in the past, but was such a special day that I find meaning in sharing it. Since I didn’t have my blog yet, I’ll have to steal some of the pictures from my IG story to tell the story, but I know you won’t mind.

A day of no plans

Mom and I hopped in the car for Sunday brunch with no plans in mind. To me, those are the most special days since there are no expectations to ruin the excitement of simply just being outside and experiencing life. After grabbing brunch at CBD Provisions, we headed out to Deep Ellum in search of some plants to add to my apartment.


I grabbed a marbled pathos and a jade. The shop, Jade & Clover will even plant your plant in a planter for you so I went ahead and potted the jade in a speckled concrete planter. As of today, I have 7 plants, but when I’m not so broke from decorating my apartment constantly I hope to have many, many more and will visit Jade & Clover again!


Afterwards, we got popsicles at Picole Pops. They have a variety of types of popsicles like water based, juice based, cream, etc. I got a mango water based popsicle and really enjoyed it!

The outfit

I wore a ribbon tie from Urban Outfitters, a deep v-neck bodysuit from Madewell, and shorts from Victoria’s Secret. My platform jelly sandals were a surprise find on Amazon for a nice price. A bit too big for me, so I sometimes feel like a duck while I walk in them. Sunglasses from Prada and bag from Gucci.

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