Planting Plants + Clearing My Mind

Planting Plants + Clearing My Mind

As soon as I moved into my new studio, I knew that I would need some plants to help make my place feel more like me. Originally, I bought 3 larger plants to set up the vibes of my studio, but in just 2 months time I have grown my collection to 9 plants!

Instead of writing about how to plant plants and have a collection, I wanted to talk more about how plants clear my mental space and allow me to “be somewhere else” for a short time.

The purchase

Buying plants is such a sweet moment. I love visiting small privately owned shops to grab some plants, but I won’t lie: I totally sometimes just go to Walmart. The prices are similar everywhere, but seeing the sea of green is therapeutic to me. Living in the city I don’t see much greenery unless its “artificial” (meaning it was intentionally planted there to make a business look nicer). But seeing all these plants makes me feel just a little bit closer to nature and reminds me of my times living in Arizona. I tend to go for plants with interesting spots or textures.

The Re-Potting

I LOVE repotting plants. I love getting my hands in the soil and digging. I love looking at the roots and surveying each individual leaf. It all helps me feel a bit more human, more related to Earth. Now that I think about it, playing and exploring outside with my dog feels the same way. It’s like I can be completely in my mind, but fully immersed in something I don’t quite understand, but am gaining more knowledge each time I investigate.

The soil is so rich, lush, and damp. It feels nice on my skin. I gently grab the plant and remove it from the plastic container into it’s permanent home (I buy most of my pots from Ikea since they’re simple and cheap). Then, I add more soil around the exposed plant to secure it.

Taking Care and Watering

Each Saturday or Sunday I dedicate some time to my plants. I place my finger in the soil 1-2inches to evaluate it’s needs. If one seems more dry, I give it water. If one seems content, I may clean it’s leaves or check for any dying or damaged leaves. The best thing is when I spot a brand new leaf curled up and waiting to fully bloom. Some of my plants have had little buds for a while now. I enjoy the patience I have to give as it takes it’s time unraveling.


I took this picture after repotting this plant. I felt so calm and relaxed that I wanted to capture the moment.

Do you enjoy plants?

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