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+ How do you collect payments?

I collect all payments via cheque or Paypal only. Prior to that, an electronic invoice is sent for your signature. It contains a briefing of your project as well as me Terms and Conditions.

+ How do one time Payments work?

Prior to beginning your project, I will ask for 50% of the total cost in advance. This acts as a retainer fee and the “go-ahead” to send you our client worksheets and eventually begin your Branding Board. Afterwards, 30% of the remainder will be collected after reaching a certain project milestone, then 20%, and finally the rest of the invoice before we submit to you final work. The reason for this is that if you choose to cancel your project, your initial investment (since all payments are non-refundable) is much lower and you can continue the project with confidence knowing we are comparable design-wise.

+ Do you offer Payment Plans?

Unfortuantely, at this time we do not offer payment Plans.

+ I’d like a refund. Who do I contact?

Due to the nature of creating digital artwork and completing a digital service, there are unfortunately no refunds under any circumstance. If the Client halts the project, the Client understands that The Modern Design Company (Adaeze Tula) may cancel a project after a period of 2 weeks has passed with no communication.

+ Can I cancel my project?

Yes, you can cancel your project at anytime. However, there are absolutely no refunds for previous payments.

+ Can you custom design a whole site for me?

Yes we can! Please mention this in the inquiry you send to us to get started.

+ Can you design a t-shirt design for me?

No, we are actually not specifically a graphic/illustration design studio and cannot freehand/hand-create a t-shirt design for you. We can, however, create supplemental graphics for you!

+ What Collateral Materials can I choose from?

Business Cards, Thank Your Cards, PDF’s, e-Books, Printable Worksheets, Flyers, Instagram Graphics, Any type of graphic (image graphics, infographics, etc). However, do let us know if you have an idea! We’re open to new things!

+ What can you design sites on?

WordPress and Squarespace. The preference is yours.

+ What are your hours?

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm CST. I will not answer e-mails/client questions through our client management software after those hours. However, I will answer almost immediately during our hours.

+ How long does a project take?

Each project is different and time depends mostly on your amount of communication with us during the whole process as well as uncontrollable issues hosting issues such as transferring your domain (which can take over a week).

+ What is the process for your services offered?

First, I create your Branding Board after you’ve finished your client worksheets. I compile your vision from your worksheets and present to you a board filled with images, colors, and typography that will represent your brand for years to come. Second, after a Skype call with you to go over your new branding, I begin designing your website first and collateral materials second such as business cards or Instagram graphics that all showcase your new theme. Finally, you review my work once it’s completed. You give us the okay and sit back while we install. I also go over how to use and edit your new site with a screenshare. Afterwards, you’re ready to go live!

+ How can I get in contact with you

If you are a client already, you have direct access to us through our client management software, Asana. If not, submit an inquiry to get in touch with me!

+ Can you set up my hosting for me?

Unfortunately, I do not transfer domains, set up hosting, or switch hosting for our clients. However, I am more than happy to help you during the process. Keep in mind most questions should be directed to your hosting/new host.

+ My WordPress account is acting strange. What did you do?

I solely work with blog/website design. Therefore, I have nothing to do with your WordPress account or whatever WordPress does on their end.

+ I don’t know how to use WordPress/Squarespace. Will you help me?

Of course! After all website designs, I will do a screenshare with you and go over every single aspect of WordPress with you over Skype.