Brand Builder


Brand Builder

This worksheet will go into detail the content of your brand. Please answer questions thoughtfully as we will directly take content from this sheet and input it into your branding and marketing material.


For your information,

A Brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that you share publicly in your business and is taken into account when a consumer decides to choose your service over another.

Identity includes the visual devices used to represent your business. This is shown through style guidelines (which serve as a framework to ensure your image is consistent), color scheme, typography, and collateral material such as business cards.
These two things make up your branding, which main goal is to evoke a positive emotion from your consumer (which directly impact your sales!).

You must complete this form in one setting. Feel free to look over the questions and write your answers in another document and copy and paste.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

You and your business
This area allows for a general overview of you and your business.
Name *
The brand
this area is meant for you to think deeper about the personality of your company.
How did you start?
For example, quirky, corporate, warm, slick, high-profile, rustic, intimate, international, approachable, cutting edge, back to basics, modern, direct, etc.
your audience
Now, let's dig deeper in understanding your ideal audience.
For example, age, demographic, social standing, etc.
Think of these questions when answering: What types of television shows do they watch? What magazines or website might they read? Where would they hangout on social media? What kind of lifestyle do they lead? How does your product or service fit into their lifestyle?
Think deeply about this. This is what will make or break your marketing.
Style and Design
This section helps you explore the physical appearance of your company's brand.
Specific to your industry or just in general. Examples can be anything that inspires you stylistically such as other shops, branding/stylistic look for specific companies, a website you think looks really good, etc.
Put together a Pinterest board with references of branding and websites you like and share your board with us @ModernDesignCo.
Special Requests
Any extras you'd like to mention?

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