We're Live! XquizitelyFlawed.com

We're Live! XquizitelyFlawed.com

This site could easily be one of my favorites! The color, the blend, the technique are all some of my favorite ways to design a brand and site, and I am so excited for motivational speaker and life coach, Nyoki’s visitors to visit her site!

Nyoki reached out to me via Instagram after having been referred by one of my very first clients. When I viewed her previous site, you were immediately bombarded with an abundance of textual information (which is good to have on your site, but everything has a perfect home and place!). For this particular site, it was more about re-arrangement and relaxing the color scheme as well as promoting her services loudly and clearly.

I felt that Nyoki was really open to design. She did stress that she loved a casual, professional style and I incorporated that with calming shades of blue and mauve. To reinforce her role as positive mentor, I chose to use a softer shade of black, nearly a deep royal-blue, which is shown in a variety of places throughout the site and brand.

From the start of her site, you are greeted with her new, personal logo that was also used on her business cards. Underneath that is her “signature quote” which she would like all viewers to walk away with after visiting her site. I chose to place her statements in an informal, gentle way to continue the flow of calmness. Her services are placed on the homepage, and are easily explained/accessible to allow her to book more sessions.

Here’s what Nyoki had to say about my service:

“To say Adaeze was great to work with isan understatement!!! Her friendly, thorough professionalism far exceeded my expectations!!! It is refreshing to work with someone that has this level of talent, along with the ability to ALWAYS be prompt in her responses while also having me, as her client dig deeper. Despite doing this work for over 15 years… having to put myself and my work into words for her to bring them to life was challenging but she definitely made it well worth the time I had to put in on my end!!! And having full blown access every step of the way was an additional relief and exciting. I now have a professionally designed website that embodies all that is Nyoki and I love it and adore Adaeze, thank you again!!!”

The end result is such a beautiful, timeless brand that is not only modern, but ready to be used in different ways over and over again. After updating little details such as her free downloadable assessment and creating a newer logo with supplemental versions, I feel that Nyoki now has all the tools she needs to impact a multitude of people with her beautiful spirit! Check out her site live by going here!

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