Splurge on Branding! It's a Must!

Splurge on Branding! It's a Must!

All too many times we come across individuals with awesome ideas in mind for a future company, but they jump from their idea straight to a website (or even just social media) without throughly thinking through just how they will showcase their company. Listen closely: branding is not just how your company looks, it’s who your company is and for a potential customer to make a connection with your company, they need to see professional marketing through quality branding.

Here are a few reasons why splurging on branding is a must for any business, young or old.


Before we can even explain ways to have quality branding, we have to address the individuals that simply have no branding at all. How many times have you gone to a website and saw it was a basic (or random) color with the same typography used in the paragraphs of the site as the logo? Didn’t everything seem so drab and monotonous that you had to leave as quickly as possible? So why would you do that to your own company? Better yet, how can you expect any designer to work on creating that perfect graphic or website for you without have some sort of brand guidelines that create consistency between all your social media channels? A business must evoke some kind of emotion from a customer/viewer and the easiest way to do that is through consistent colors, typography that is brilliantly used to further your company’s lifestyle, and images that showcase how you want those colors and text placed around the site. Think of your business as a person, and everybody needs a face to a name, right?


So, you have successfully finished the LLC paperwork and have a handful of customers that you can depend on for your business. Congrats! You have shown that you are willing to put in the work necessary to be an entrepreneur. However, you don’t need to go above and beyond your capabilities by doing everything (i.e. branding) all by yourself. In fact, when it comes to something as important as branding, you cannot let your lack of knowledge about the whole purpose of what branding is and does to take a company from dab to fab get in the way of your company actually having bomb guidelines to be used over and over again in future marketing and projects. Understanding your skill set, where you can excel the most and where you need help is all part of being a successful individual. Let the professionals do the rest when it comes all things digital design!


Maybe you do understand you need some professional help to build your company. You go through Instagram, find the first person who advertises design help and immediately enter contract with them to create your vision for your brand. When it’s finished, you see puppies instead of cats, flowers instead of grunge, and black instead of white. Who is really to blame? Obviously not completely you, but you have some part in the blame as you didn’t find a designer who speaks to you and you rushed to get this finished quickly without taking the time to be a part of the (lovely) design process (it truly is lovely). Research over and over again for a designer that reflects you personally. Do not settle for less. Do not try find the cheapest option to save a little cash. Think of branding as a tattoo. The cheaper it is, the less quality it will be, correct? And the thing about both is that both are shown to many, many people and the quality is very immediately obvious!


Finally, stick with your brand. Stop changing it as trends come and go. Move forward with what you have and mature (which is a completely separate thing as changing) with your brand, but refrain from too much change. Why? Well, after a while you may forget who your brand is in the first place. That means you may need to start all over with the branding process again and who really has time for that? Make sure your logo and branding are things you can use over the years and change only small details. Worry about expanding your clientele, not the size of your website.

If you are still feeling stuck with your company and it’s branding, feel free to contact us, The Branding Authority, for a more personalized explanation on bringing a face to your name which is your business. We have a variety of options from complete branding packages to just a branding board to help get you started.

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