What to Do When No One Cares About Your Business

What to Do When No One Cares About Your Business

How terrible is it when you’ve created an event, and have little to no turn out? Having organized and put together many events over the past year, I can share your frustration, and when I created The Modern Design, I too, had a grand opening party in the hopes that many of my friends would come and support me. Fact of the matter was that they didn’t, and looking back now, I realized there are a plethora of reasons why no one cared about my business. Specifically, design reasons.

Of course, an unsuccessful advertising run for an event, product, or anything for that matter can have many reasons, but your branding plays a direct role in turnout. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You Look Unprofessional

People can tell when you’ve DIY’d your whole company. How? Well, it has the same two colors everywhere: on the website, the Instagram, the flyers/promotional materials. You use the same font, but in different sizes to differentiate from a header (or title image) and the body paragraph. You use Getty images as backgrounds. You get the point.

Now, I never said DIY is bad, but let’s face it, not everyone has the capacity to be the CEO and the graphic designer of their business, and sometimes it’s best to let a professional take the reigns. When you first pushed out that ad content or that event flyer, some people took one look at it and dismissed you as a reputable and worthy brand. Simple as that. Take the extra steps to perfect and unify your branding, and see what happens.

2. You Didn’t Highlight the Important Facts

One thing about marketing and advertising is that no one has time to read a paragraph explaining why they should purchase your product or even click the link to your website. Actually, no one cares enough to do so, not even your target audience or ideal client. Your job as a business owner is to make them care. That seems super hard, I totally get it, but it isn’t that difficult. Lay it out neatly and target it directly to your ideal consumer.

Something I’ve been working on recently is realizing that I don’t have to target everyone as a designer to book myself out. I just need to reach my ideal consumer. So there’s two issues at hand: finding that ideal consumer and marketing to them. It’s much easier to brand my marketing and then market everything I’ve got (social media & website) directly to them than to individually find them.

Take a look at your adverts from a subjective point of view. What is the goal here? Why should anyone care? Where can I learn more? Those are the questions you must answer.

3. You Made it too Difficult to Find Out More Information

After you get someone interested, don’t make them run in circles to find out more information. I myself am the best example of this. Our company website used to have a blog for a homepage and it never gave a potential client the route they needed to first, understand who we are and what we do and second, contact us. I made it too difficult for them to find that information when I decided to hide my portfolio, prices, a photo of me, and contact page through a lot of fluffy b.s.

Are you hiding important things behind fluffy b.s.? If you were a perspective consumer, what would you want to view first when viewing your own website? Even on social media, does your description explain who you are and what you do? Does the link link directly to a relevant place on your home on the web? If not, stop reading this and fix that ASAP!

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