Service Pages: Why Yours Doesn't Do It's Job

Service Pages: Why Yours Doesn't Do It's Job

Many of my clients offer a particular service to their site’s viewers. Often times, when I am re-doing a site, I get to see their previous services pages. They are usually jumbled, don’t have a clear purpose, don’t clearly state their service, and are way too cold for anyone to feel comfortable enough to get comfortable with (by using industry jargon and strange verb tenses). So, don’t limit yourself with a bad service page! Renovating your service page means a stronger consumer list for you and just makes everything easier for your consumer to locate.

1. Open Your Services Page With Purpose

When I was in debate in high school, I was taught very early on that you have to list your arguments very methodically. While trying to persuade someone to become your client should never be an argument, the same logic used in professional debate can easily be applied here! My tip would be to open with an overview of what you offer and a small amount of information before hand. My Work With Us page opens this way. Check it out by this screenshot below (there are screenshots throughout this whole post!):

I think the key here is keeping it short and straight to the point. Ideally, before someone looks at what I offer, my definitions will give them an idea of what I am referring to, why they are important, and why I am trying to market my services to them. Then, I wrap it up with the three services I offer.

2. State Your Services Clearly

I’ve made it a point to make my prices have larger text than the supplemental information so that if someone is looking for a particular price range they know immediately where I stand. I give information on why this package may be for you, who it’s for, and what it offers by using numbered points. You don’t have to be as literal as I am (I think it all came from the previous debate background), but personally I love bulleted points and numbered facts. It draws my eyes right to where they need to be!

And this is the exact format I make for my clients as well. Check this site out, too:

Isn’t that so much cleaner and inviting?

3. List Buttons Where They Can Purchase or Book Immediately Multiple Times

This point may seem a bit strange, but I think it makes the most impact. After each of my services that I list, I have this button underneath:

Not only is it super cute, decorative, and breaks up the massive amount of text, it allows someone who is very interested in my service to contact me immediately. Now, they don’t have to scroll back up and visit a “contact us” page (which you definitely need to have). They can just click the button and boom, send an inquiry. If you noticed, I also had “book now” buttons for my previous client for the same reason.

Hopefully you can implement these tips and get an immediate and strong response. I used to never get inquiries, but now I get at least one a week. Are they all because of the layout of my services page? Quite possibly! What ways do you make your service page highly engaging?

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