We're Live! QueenshipRestored.com

We're Live! QueenshipRestored.com

Boy, was this site a challenge for me! When I was approached by April to help her create the foundations of her new and upcoming brand, Queenship Restored, I was so excited! First, she had such a liveliness about her and she made me very excited to design with her. Second, she definitely challenged me with my own “status quo” of doing things, and I am so thankful for that challenge!

I have been working with April exclusively for nearly a couple months (as we started before I had set up my client management system which added to the drag of e-mail communication) and created all from scratch her logos, Branding Board, website, color scheme, etc (you name it, I probably did it). This project also introduced me to working more intensely with Illustrator when I explained that digitizing her artwork for her t-shirts would make for a better print when she prints them. That itself took a couple weeks, but it taught me so much about using Illustrator and replicating/understanding another artist’s style compared to my own.

April really stressed the idea of a clean, no fuss design that eliminated all the extras without making it so bare that it was unviewable. At first, even I was worried the site wouldn’t look “alive enough”. Never before have I really developed such a minimal site before, and I was worried about how viewers would interpret it.

Placing her work and artwork from her artist first and stately on the site, I eliminated all distraction by using color onlywhen absolutely necessary. I stuck to very clean sans-serif fonts to make the site easily readable and relatable. To make the brand more comforting and loving, we opted for a cream colored background instead of white, which April felt could be a bit too contrasting compared to the ambience of cool purples, royal blues, and bold accent colors such as green and gold. Here’s what April had to say about my service:

“Adaeze of The Modern Design Company has been nothing short of A-mazing!!! The Modern Design Co. Has handled the majority of my business needs including graphics for t-shirts, web design, business cards, and logo development. This company has consulted with me to the highest degree, truly desiring to capture the vision of the company. Adaeze is patient, considerate, knowledgeable, and organized with the goal of excellence for each product. I am so grateful for this company! They are my go-to for all things business development related!!”

Looking back, this site may be one of my favorites. It’s just so straight to the point and classy, I can’t stop checking it out! Definitely check out April’s line (which has not been launched quite yet but will soon!) and support her local artist who painted such beautiful pieces for her collection. Click any of the images and it will direct you right to her site!

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