One Step to Organize Everything!

One Step to Organize Everything!

I have never ever been an organized person (even though I literally collect planners and agendas). I always have relied on my memory to remember everything, which never works out like I want it to! When I decided to take MD full-time, I knew that I had to organize myself accordingly, and the first thing I did was create a weekly planner to have my week scheduled and squared away.

The One Step to Organize Everything

It’s called planners! I have learned in a few short weeks that organizing my time to work more efficiently (instead of incessantly) will ultimately boost the productivity of my business. At the end of the day, I am my business. So, I started out with a weekly planer as I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a daily planner. To me, everything is all about easing into it, and it would simply be irrational for me to think I would go straight from never documenting any of my time to documenting all of it, especially when some planners are so detailed that they have every hour of the day each day!

Another type of planners that have been trending are ones that have inspirational quotes, such as the Happiness Planner. An alternative is the Day Designer, and I decided to pick one up one day at Target (yes, they are sold in target!). Although I can’t use it until July (it’s a mid year planner for one year), I vowed to use my hand-made ones for the rest of the month of June while I wait!

The Benefits

Some of the benefits I have seen from using my planner is that I finally know what is going on each day of the week. I can map out all my appointments, meetings, etc without guessing (do you know how much I guess everyday??). Like, hello! You can’t run anything without structure (and that was something I didn’t even believe in until I began charting out my week). You cannot always expect your memory to suffice, and as your business begins to get larger, you will have to jot down your schedule or else you risk being late to meetings and missing due dates, all which take a direct ding on your character!

But, here’s a disclaimer: I never said I was perfect, and I am learning right with you. Although I map out my week (and even my day), sometimes not everything gets crossed off my list. Sometimes I spend that extra hour doing something I really shouldn’t or I stillput off a project that is way too large to do last minute. One thing that has gotten me every time is not completing my top goals for the week (mainly out of fear). What can I say? I am human after all. And like I said, the first step is the hardest, and changing my previous lifestyle for the better will take probably a couple months of time!

Your Reward for Reading

I have included my own planner for you guys to download for free! If you are looking to get super serious about how you choose to spend your time, this is the absolute best way to begin. Click here to grab your planner!

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