How to Grow Your Brand Organically

How to Grow Your Brand Organically

Hey there! It’s The Modern Design’s Founder here with 5 easy steps to learn how to grow your brand organically! I learned these when growing my own blog and events, and when used properly and constantly, they truly work.

1. Create a Consistent Theme for ALL Platforms

While this is the most narcissistic tip, it is also the most important. No matter what we would like to believe, people do formulate opinions based off of how you present yourself online or in person. So, why not give them the best version of yourself in all situations?

When I first started Instagram and Twitter, I had no theme. I basically just uploaded photos of whatever I liked with crappy filters. Nowadays, people have upted their Instagram game dramatically and it is essential to keep up.

While still maintaining your originality, message, and personality, be strategic about the photos you take. Capture photos in the best light and stage items. Keep taking selfies until you get the perfect one. Never settle for a bad photo, you can always take more! Ditch the photographer sometimes: just have your friends take photos of you with a DSLR in a park! Even those photos can come out very professional and usually have a fun vibe with them too. Create a color story. Right now, mine is light, white, and minimalistic with pops of pinks and florals. 


Now this one is so crucial. When looking to partner up with different people or work with companies, you need to have a strong and easy to manage website for them to navigate to. Don’t make them search for your “Contact Us” page. Make it fluid, easy going, bright, and personable.

When creating content for your pages on your site, don’t rush to finish them (that is personally my problem). Alway re-read and double check your work. Especially for pages such as “About Me,” “Contact Us,” and any portfolio pages you may have that showcases your work. These are high traffic pages for companies to view and again, you never want to compromise an opportunity because you accidentally put the wrong “you’re” on the page!


Whenever my brand is in a stall, I just look for another blogger or brand to collab with. In all honesty, that is the easiest way gain organic followers, receive attention you deserve, and create friendships in your industry. It’s easy to set up a photoshoot with a blogger in your city or to meet up with theme over coffee and connect. Simply connecting with other bloggers in your city is prime time to document the whole shebang and post about it later. Plus, they will re-post your work and vice-versa! So what you’ve got going on here is sharing followers and gaining together!


I cannot stress how important this tip is. Yes, I create and host events often, but I unfortunately have to say that I could not attend other’s events often because of my crappy retail job (but, I quit so it’s all good now!) Going forward, whenever I see a new event posted, I immediately check the date, add it to my calendar, and purchase the ticket. I basically just assume I’m going to go.

You must go to events because meeting people face-to-face, meeting companies, and other important people is the easiest way to insure you will have connections and collaborations in the upcoming months. Do not forget your business cards as I have, always bring them and dress to impress. Showcase the true you with your style. Bring your expensive camera that you spent bank on just for blogging. Take all the pictures! Use the event’s hashtag and post often to it! Advertise on your Instagram that you are going and advertise that you are there. Just go crazy with it like it’s your first Hannah Montana concert and you’re only 10. Trust me, it works and you’ll always have the most fun when you’re excited!


This last tip is very important because when you do not post new content daily on the Gram or whatever your ideal social media handle is, you will lose followers. Unless followers is just not that important to you, stay consistent with your theme and posting. Make sure to stagger your pictures. If you took 3 photos in one hour, post one every two hours (but don’t overdo it!). Make sure your photos are not all the same. If you had a selfie photoshoot session, don’t post your top 3 favorites immediately. Post one, wait a few days and post the next one. No matter what you do, never miss a couple days not posting. I have done that and have definitely lost followers and engagement. I always have the most engagement when I am consistent.

Review your Instagram analytics and figure out peak times for you to post. Understand who your audience is. Create content that is appropriate for them, but also showcases you.

Remember, your followers love you and follow you because they want to see you and get to know you more! They are literally your friends. Also respond to their DMs or sweet messages. If they request a photo, give it to them! They are the ones that help you succeed.

UX Researcher and psuedo blogger.