Grow From Start-Up to Profit

Grow From Start-Up to Profit

Hey everyone! It’s MD’s Founder, Adaeze, here again! When people dream of creating a business, they often believe they can make money from day one. You risk thousands of dollars just to get a minimal experience and return and only end up frustrated with the whole mess. This is a depressing cycle that I personally have seen many entrepreneurs face. I too have felt this cycle, especially with my natural hair products company. At that point, you should just table your idea and re-evaluate it later. However, there is a simple formula you can follow to actually make profit from the get-go. You honestly do not need to do too much, just be consistent, clear, and positive with you growth.

Be Genuine. I believe this is the most important step to creating a successful business. People can always tell how genuine you are no matter how genuine you may actually seem. They do not want to associate themselves with a company that is sly, closed off, or unwilling to work with them. You must watch how you discuss your clients to other people and how you speak of your brand. If you are not taking it seriously, and you are equating clients to cash, you will first, never create a returning client base and second, not take your business seriously for what it should be. Instead, either train yourself to think of your clients as actual people, your business as something that has the capacity to change lives, or seriously just scrap the idea.

Reach Out to Your Ideal Customers. So you created a PR company and you genuinely love to work with your clients, but you just can’t seem to get client after client. No problem, easy fix! Reach out to people who you deem ideal clients! Go through a relevant to your brand Instagram hashtag and reach out to small companies that have just opened up that do not have a strong presence yet. Send them an e-mail that first congratulates the founder the feat of even starting the company, then offer your services in any capacity. Follow up when they don’t respond. Don’t bug them, just let them know you are there and able to serve.

Have a Portfolio. No one wants to work with a designer without any form of credibility, but you do not need to have a full portfolio to get clients. Post anything and everything you’ve done (except for the very first thing that probably wasn’t the best). Up-play it all. You didn’t just design an outfit. You creatively pulled together looks. You hand picked each style. Your wording creates visuals in your readers mind that creates a lasting memory. This one step alone will guarantee oodles and oodles on interested clientele.

Have a Clean Website. More importantly than (almost) anything else is to have a clean website. And by clean I don’t mean minimal. I mean straight to the point, direct, user-friendly, creative, and most importantly, you. How can you expect your customers to know who you are if you can’t even dictate that in your website? Do you have your vision or goal for your business openly and bluntly placed strategically where your customers can find it? Don’t make anyone look for a single thing. Allow the customer to want to browse your site and contact you. Nothing should be forced. Of course, if you feel as though you need help, we are always willing to help you individually on your site!

UX Researcher and psuedo blogger.