We're Live! FinancialPromisedLand.com!

We're Live! FinancialPromisedLand.com!

I am pleased to announce that our most recent project, Financial Promised Land, is live! This brand is very feminine and stately, perfect for the woman behind it all, Jo-Anne.

Jo-Anne reached out to us to help complete her website after her previous web designer unfortunately didn’t work on her project as expected. This project was especially special to her because Jo-Anne had a conference the same week she contacted me and desperately needed the site to be completed before then. Never before have I worked on such a deadline (less than a week), but I was up for the challenged and learned so much along the way.

Both she and I worked endlessly on the weekend(!) creating this brand from the ground up. While speeding through the easier parts of my Total Design Package, we wrapped up her brand style in only 3 hours! Immediately following that, I got to work and spent the rest of my Saturday creating the frame around her Squarespace site.

As for brand style, Jo-Anne requested a modern, yet fun and bright style. She mentioned that she has a gift of making financial topics much easier to understand and wanted an uncomplicated site to reflect that. To appeal to that, I focused on making small things such as the menu extremely clean and straight to the point. Upon viewing the site, you’re greeted with the overall purpose of the site to clarify any questions on the purpose. Each section of the homepage is titled with a statement that is easily remembered in the viewers mind. By eliminating fluff and extras, it forces the viewer to focus on what matters, and for Jo-Anne, it’s about the services she offers.

When we picked back up on Sunday, I had already uploaded her new imagery, topped off her site, and left her with the clean, extremely put together site in a matter of a few days. I am beyond proud of the end result, and Jo-Anne let me know the site was definitely a success at the conference she spoke at.

Here’s a bit of what Jo-Anne had to say about my service:

“Working with the Modern Design Co. was beyond amazing! They were able to completely understand my vision, exceed my expectations, and work efficiently within my timeline. I’ve already referred to family & friends because I believe in the quality of work they provide!”

The end result is such a timeless brand that is not only feminine, but is still extremely business-y and tells her story over and over again on each page. I feel that Jo-Anne’s visitors will easily understand the purpose and mission of her business, and will be so drawn in to her by her site’s aura that they will fall in love with it as I did! Check out her site live by going here!

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