What You Didn't Consider When Starting Your Business

What You Didn't Consider When Starting Your Business

Starting your very own company may feel extremely exciting, but with that excitement comes a feeling of urgency. It’s easy to rapidly put together your website and social media to begin selling your product, but in the end, you may be costing your business time and money. So, do you feel like you have been spinning your wheels? Is your website name one thing but your Instagram name is another? Were you once a style blogger and now you post pictures of make-up looks? Did you ever wonder why your competition’s website looks organized, well planned and consistent?

Though these issues may at first feel frustrating, here are three easy questions you should ask yourself to begin to move forward with your company’s brand.


Are you a blogger? Are you a career coach? Are you a make-up artist? Are you consistently posting, advertising or communicating the “WHO” of your business? Go ahead take a look at your website and Instagram posts. Is the answer no?

Often times we don’t consider this piece of the puzzle when you are first developing a brand. Consistently communicating the “WHO” of your business means aligning your business name, website, advertisements and social media platforms. The first step in developing a brand is to clearly define “The Business You’re In”. How can you communicate the value if you haven’t clearly defined who you are and what you have to offer?


How do you develop a (blog post, advertisement, website or business plan) if you don’t know who you are talking to? Are you familiar with the term target audience? Simply put this is the person or service you had in mind that was under served when you decided to start your business. Knowing your audience tells you what you should be consistently focused on in your message.


We are all guilty of not consulting someone that may be a little better at something we may be struggling with. Asking for help is actually a SMART business practice that saves you a lot of time. Time you could use to focus on your true craft. Consider working with our team who is well-versed in web design, brand development and business planning. Save yourself time, money and heartache by asking for help.

Have you begun to take a look at your website, blog or advertisements? Are they lacking a consistent message? If you have answered yes to both questions, feel free to reach out to our brand development team to receive professional help in making your business the successful company you dreamed and deserved.

UX Researcher and psuedo blogger.