3 Steps to Keep Yourself in the Game

3 Steps to Keep Yourself in the Game

Quitting. It crosses everyone’s mind every once in a while (and some more than others). Realizing that the feeling of wanting to quit, the feeling of lacking, being not as substantial as another is very common in the world of entrepreneurship. Thankfully, we’ve got three easy steps to help you keep yourself in the game when you’re really feeling the punch.



One of the easiest ways to bring back your inner composure is to simply remember why you started. Was it for a better lifestyle for yourself or your family? Was it to prove something to yourself? Or was it to create and showcase to others around you? Whatever the case may be, remember that it was compelling enough to get you to start in the first place. Then, look back and see how far you’ve come. One month, 3 months, a year, 5 years; it doesn’t matter. It’s impressive right? Be proud of that.



Sometimes, a lack of interest for your project, blog, or business is because you hit a roadblock and you just feel too tired to continue on. Let’s admit it, roadblocks (especially when they are repeated or major) are stressful, cause you to be out of balance, and of course, distracted. However, what makes a company or brand stronger is by continuing on, pushing through, and learning from a roadblock. How did it start? Why did it happen? What is the easiest, most efficient way to cross it (without jeopardizing your quality)?



Confidence and keeping yourself in the game go hand-in-hand, but keeping your head held high while traveling through a problem is the easiest way to jump right back into your groove. Read an inspiring book, scroll through your favorite Pinterest or Instagram page, take a 20 (or day long) break (but never more than that), and reprocess the majority of it (but not all). Boost yourself, don’t ever bash yourself. Bashing yourself is the easiest way to keep yourself down and to leave your brand hanging.

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