Service Pages: Why Yours Doesn't Do It's Job

Many of my clients offer a particular service to their site’s viewers. Often times, when I am re-doing a site, I get to see their previous services pages. They are usually jumbled, don’t have a clear purpose, don’t clearly state their service, and are way too cold for anyone to feel comfortable enough to get comfortable with (by using industry jargon and strange verb tenses).

We're Live!

This site could easily be one of my favorites! The color, the blend, the technique are all some of my favorite ways to design a brand and site, and I am so excited for motivational speaker and life coach, Nyoki’s visitors to visit her site!

Using E-Mail Lists to Your Advantage

When I worked one-on-one with a start-up here in Dallas with their social media, I was exposed to a true mailing list with thousands of subscribers (quite literally 30k!). It shocked me how many people were subscribed. I wondered what the point was to subscribe to a newsletter and personally never did so myself.

We're Live!

When I was approached by April to help her create the foundations of her new and upcoming brand, Queenship Restored, I was so excited! First, she had such a liveliness about her and she made me very excited to design with her. Second, she definitely challenged me with my own “status quo” of doing things, and I am so thankful for that challenge!

What To Do When You've Lost Your Job

Even though I work The Modern Design full-time, I had a consistent part-time job that gave me a steady small income, perfect to live off of comfortably. Well, today I learned that they had hired someone else in my position, and I will admit, I was definitely very anxious of the future, but after some reassuring and confidence that seemed to spring out of no where, I decided I was not going to feel affected by this change

One Step to Organize Everything!

I have never ever been an organized person (even though I literally collect planners and agendas). I always have relied on my memory to remember everything, which never works out like I want it to! When I decided to take MD full-time, I knew that I had to organize myself accordingly, and the first thing I did was create a weekly planner to have my week scheduled and squared away.

What to Do When No One Cares About Your Business

How terrible is it when you’ve created an event, and have little to no turn out? Having organized and put together many events over the past year, I can share your frustration, and when I created The Modern Design, I too, had a grand opening party in the hopes that many of my friends would come and support me.