App Design Builder


App Design Builder

This questionnaire will go into detail the content of your app. Please answer questions thoughtfully as we will directly take content from this sheet and input it into your website pages. Please provide as much detail as possible as this is where we pull our official brief from. Our designers and developers refer back to this throughout the project, so its really important they have all the details stored in the one form. 

You must complete this form in one setting. Feel free to look over the questions and write your answers in another document and copy and paste.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

You and your business
This area allows for a general overview of you and your business.
Name *
Please include three of your favorite apps that inspire you because of their design and style. Feel free to add reasons why those sites are your favorite.
If yes, please list all of them below.
app content
this area allows you to go in depth with the structure and content of your app.
Pages such as "About" "Shop" "Contact Us" etc to be listed under the app's menu area.
Example/Dummy Content
This area asks for your dummy content to be used in your app design mockups. Make sure to include everything you would like each individual page to say as all content will be taken from this area.
If you'd like, write your page content in another document, and copy and paste it here.
If you have additional pages you'd like to add, use this area to their respective content.
Special requests
Feel free to add any special requests for any page here such as a color scheme, link to an outside page, etc.

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