Hello again

I decided to reboot my website and include a blog because 4 years ago, I started a blog which ended up being one of the greatest turning points in my life.

I am a human-centered designer who has worked in my field for the past 3 years. "Human-centered" or "user experience" designer simply means someone who researches and analyzes how people use media and technology and tries to make that experience more meaningful for them. What that means for you is an increased conversion rate, client/customer retention, and a strong social media following; all major factors in your growing business' success!

Back to the blog though: back then, I created content mainly for myself to save memories as I navigated the world after turning 18. However, as my blog grew and I expanded myself in different ways I hadn't done before, I found myself lost and confused about my purpose and being. Today, I feel like my head is much more clearer as I discovered a new identity for myself as a designer, getting close to wrapping up a bachelor's degree I never dreamed I'd finish, and coming into the woman I've always wanted to be. I am excited to share new moments with whoever is willing to listen and to give me the time!