Adaeze Tula
Adaeze Tula

Hello again

I decided to reboot my website and include a blog because 4 years ago, I started a blog which ended up being one of the greatest turning points in my life.

I am a user experience researcher based in Dallas who is simply in pursuit of happiness. Because of that, I’ve allowed myself to do “whatever” and try it all (which this blog is a part of that! I have a love for style, unique trends/ideas, and most importantly, transparency about mental health and what simply just makes us human.

Back to my first blog though: back then, I created content mainly for myself to save memories as I navigated the world after turning 18. However, as my blog grew and I expanded myself in different ways I hadn't done before, I found myself lost and confused about my purpose and being. Today, I feel like my head is much more clearer and I have so much to share that I want to write it down for whomever is willing to listen.